Valldemossa Charterhouse, Spain

The Charterhouse of Valldemossa was built as a palace, at the beginning of the 14th century, by order of King Jaime II so that his son Sancho could find a relief for his asthma. With the end of the Majorcan dynasty, the palace fell into disuse and in 1399 King Martin I of Aragon donated the Palace to the Carthusians to be converted into a Charterhouse.
In 1835 the religious orders were extinct in Spain and the Carthusians were forced to leave. The Charterhouse was bought by a private owner who remodelled it for a more comfortable use. 
In 1838 the writer George Sand and composer-pianist Frederic Chopin spent the Winter there, in hope to improve Chopin's health. Not being married, the only place they were able to rent lodging was at the Carthusian Monastery. George Sand wrote "A Winter in Majorca" based on the time she spent there.
The Charterhouse includes a cloister, a library, the Carthusians' old pharmacy, gardens and cells, including those where Chopin spent the 1838 Winter, with some of his personal belongings.

Opening hours:9.30 to 19.00 (15.30 Jan. and Dec., 17.30 Feb. and Nov., 18.00 Mar. and Oct.).
Entrance fee: €9.50 (2017).
How to go: Take bus 210 from Palma de Mallorca.



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