Lisbon's City Walls, Portugal

The hilltop where the castle stands probably had walls since Roman times. However, the remains that can be seen today date from two main periods.
The old walls, or Moorish walls, were built on top of whatever walls existed at the time, between the 10th century and 1147, when Lisbon was reconquered by the first king of Portugal. In this period only the castle and Alfama neighbourhood existed and the walls were rebuilt as the Christian threat from the north intensified.
Later, in the late 13th and 14th centuries, D. Dinis and D. Fernando ordered the walls to be repaired and enlarged, to address both the expansion of the city and the growing tension with Castille.
Segments of the Moorish wall can be seen close to the castle and in Alfama neighbourhood; the remains of the wall from D.Dinis reign can be seen at the Money Museum while the remains from D. Fernando period can be seen in Espaço Chiado, a shopping centre, and in Largo Martim Moniz. 

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