Ledra Street, Nicosia, Cyprus

Ledra Street used to be the main commercial street in Cyprus but has been superseded by more accessible streets further south. Nevertheless, properties in this street are still largely destined for commercial use.
It runs in a South to North direction and is about 1 km long, lying both in the Republic of Cyprus and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In 1963, following the outbreak of hostilities between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Ledra Street was one of the streets to be blockaded, thus dividing the city in two, and was effectively sealed after the Turkish army invasion of Cyprus in 1974. It was only reopened in 2008, becoming the sixth crossing between the southern and northern parts of Cyprus. Bring your passport if you want to cross to either side.
The name of the street refers to the city-kingdom of Ledra, founded in 1050 BC, located where the city of Nicosia is today.


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