Marechal Carmona Park, Cascais

The land where Marechal Carmona Park is located was used for farming and leisure since de 16th century. It was later acquired by the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites and sold at a public auction after religious orders were extinct in Portugal, in 1834. The place was then bought by Viscount of Gandarinha, who turned it into a romantic park.
In 1944 the park, already in the possession of the State, was joined to the Gardens of the Counts of Castro Guimarães and opened to the public.
After the 1974 Revolution, that put an end to the dictatorial regime of Estado Novo, the park was renamed to Gandarinha but it is still better known as Marechal Carmona, president during Estado Novo.
Every Saturday there's an Organic Market in the park. It's the ideal place to relax while touring Cascais: it has a picnic area, a playground, a junior library and a coffee shop.

Opening hours: Nov. to Mar 8h30 to 17h45; Apr. to Oct. 8h30 to 19h45.
Entrance free


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