Place Sainte-Catherine, Brussels, Belgium

Sainte-Catherine Place is located very close to the Grand Place and is known for the fish restaurants along Quai au Bois à Bruler and Quai aux Briques. Quai means dock or wharf, a reference to the ancient port of Brussels that used to be located here and that left traces not only in the toponomy but also the fish market- the former canal docks were covered in the 1880s and the resulting square housed a large fish market until 1950, now replaced by the appealing seafood restaurants. 
Sainte-Catherine is also one of the venues of the "Plaisirs de Hiver" Christmas Market, held every year from November to January.

How to go: Sainte-Catherine metro station.

In Sainte Catherine:
Christmas Market
Saint Catherine Church
Saint Catherine Tower
Tour Noire


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