Archaeological excavations in Lisbon's Cathedral Cloister, Portugal

Archaeological excavations in Lisbon's Cathedral Cloister started in 1990. These excavations have unearthed remnants of human presence since the Iron Age.It's possible to see the remains of a Roman road with shops on both sides. This road would have connected the Roman Theater to the port area. From the Roman period, there's also part of a kitchen and a "cloaca" (sewage system).From later periods there are traces of Visigothic buildings and a very visible part of a Moorish building with red walls, probably related with the Mosque that once stood on the site where Lisbon's cathedral was built.

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ticket (standard): €2.5 (€4 combined with the Treasury), cash only.

Roman road and shops.

Roman sewage system close to a Moorish public building.
Moorish building.


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